Advanced bakery and pastry program

A real European pastry art program which will fulfill your baking dreams. We are offering a wide range of amateur classes from elementary to advanced level of pastry arts, cake designing, entriments, desserts and others. The class is discover as hands-on method with personal attention to make every thing which he was learned.

Date : Class upon request
Time : 09.30 am - till complete
Duration : Two Week - min 3 students
Skill prerequisite : None. Suitable for beginners

Subject includes:

  • chocolate cookie
  • red velvet muffin
  • cream brioch
  • edwardian coffe
  • doughnuts
  • swiss roll
  • caramel fruit cake
  • french macron
  • croissant
  • cheese pizza
  • puff pastry
  • mousse cake
  • cheese health bread
  • pannacotta
  • fruit danish
  • financier cherry
  • classic vanilla
  • death by chocholate
  • green tea joconde
  • green tea mousse
  • green tea glaze